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What is it?

A premium quality loaf of Natural Ovens "Healthy Beginnings" bread is packaged with the entire Lord's prayer on the front. Inside is a simple Gospel message with scriptures explaining that "man does not live by bread alone" and that Jesus is the only true "Bread of Life,"

Besides being a compelling reminder to give thanks to the Lord for His provision if using the loaf for your family's food needs, when given to a neighbor, co-worker or family member, it becomes a way to share God's kindness and reach out to their other needs as well.

Daily Bread™ Nutrition - It's Good For You!

This loaf of bread baked by Natural Ovens Bakery has high food value and is made with only the finest ingredients. As a company, Natural Ovens Bakery has a mission to put high quality foods on your table!

This product contains no harmful ingredients such as preservatives, dough conditioners, and partially hydrogenated oils (trans-fats) which are damaging to your health and common in most bread products.

On the contrary, this loaf is filled with nutrients vital for good health. Each slice is high in fiber, rich in Omega-3 (an essential nutrient your body needs for optimum health) and contains many different vitamins and minerals. Because it is made 'just like homemade' it has the ability to satisfy your hunger for hours: just six slices per day gives you 60% of all necessary nutrients you need for that day.

And, just like homemade bread, it tastes great. It's the purest, "cleanest" and healthiest loaf of bread you can find anywhere.

Evangelism program

For 2000 years, the church has been praying The Lord's Prayer, "Our Father, Who art in heaven... give us this day our daily bread..."

That prayer has been answered.

The Daily Bread™ program is an evangelism tool that makes it easy for individuals to share their faith, adds members to church congregations, provides increased revenue for churches and more.

To the outside of the bread package, affix a sticker with your own ministry's name, address and phone number, or open the outer wrapper and insert a church brochure or bulletin. People receiving the gift can then call to discuss the message they've just read or to receive further information about your ministry

Buy Two - Set one Free
Fresh Daily Bread™ can be delivered to your church and displayed in an attractive wooden case. Individuals can purchase one loaf of bread for family use (health and fitness) and a second loaf for someone who benefit from the bread and the message (spiritual witness).

Daily Bread™ is like an edible tract that feeds both the body and the spirit. As well, money that would have gone to the grocery store, goes to further God's work.

Take a $3.00 Mission Trip
Jesus said to the church "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." (Mark 16:15) Not everyone is able to spend $3000 to fly to another country on a mission trip, but almost every Christian can give a $3.00 loaf of bread to a neighbor and invite him/her to church.

It's an easy, affordable, non-threatening opportunity to build the Body of Christ.

Some Ideas For Use
This evangelism program is easy to implement and is quite effective. It can be given to first time visitors to your church as follow-up, distributed individually to neighbors, friends and family, or at large in the church neighborhood to invite residents to church. As well, bulk orders can be bought by your church and given to area food shelves with your church sticker on it to let those most in need know you are a safe place to come and be fed spiritually as well as physically. The only risk is in not implementing a program and losing potential impact.

Please contact us at the Lord's Table if you have more questions and would like us to help you establish a strong evangelism program in your church using Daily Bread™ and a number of other fine programs we have available. Please call at (763) 545-8608.

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