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The Dream

Have you ever had a dream that became a vision and then by the grace and plan of God became a reality? Have you ever been part of the process of God at work involving miracle after miracle that take shape and becomes a reality right before your very own eyes? Well, you are invited to come to the "Table," The Lord's Table, and be a part of something so unique and so Spirit-led that you will truly be blessed in a way that mere words can't express.

The Vision

Men & Women, overwhelmed by the world they live in, are desperately seeking a Savior, but are too busy or too disillusioned to know how to find Him. They want non-traditional ministry. These are known as the "up and outers." Without Jesus Christ, they will be "eternally lost." Jesus calls, "Come, follow me and I will give you rest." His Spirit moves and barriers are brought down. Relationships are started with God and in the "up and outers." As Christians, we are called to the harvest field. This is His Will.

The Lord's Table is an evangelistic, outreach ministry that provides many avenues for the Holy Spirit of God to manifest His work. It is a multifaceted ministry, yet it is simple in its concept and purpose. It is complex in its operations, yet singularly focused in its mission. Please tour our Web site and find out what components make up this exciting ministry.

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