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Claudius Centaurius Maximus invites you to a night of Roman hospitality and food from his personal kitchen, and to listen to the fantastic 'stories' from his prisoner John Bar Zebeddee...but who is the real prisoner?

"John and Company" is a full length two-act audience participation supper theatre. Claudius has invited you, guests from the mainland, to participate in this special event. The setting is the island of Patmos in the year 95 A.D., where the Apostle John is in exile. Claudius' intentions are to collect enough tribute and make enough connections so that he can quickly and affordably leave this penal island and return to the mainland where he can 'live the lifestyle he truly deserves'. Claudius is allowing his prisoner John Bar Zebeddee, the last remaining Apostle of Christ, to tell some of his mysterious stories and myths in an attempt to show his mainland visitors that he, Claudius, is just as 'civilized' as any person in Rome or Athens. But what happens is not what he expects as Claudius comes to the realization that John's 'stories' are in fact true events, more powerful and profound than he wants to believe. Throughout the evening, John reveals his Gospel through a series of dramatic reenactments with his scribe Samuel and their maidservant Phoebe. Adding strength to these teachings, Samuel's and Phoebe's own testimonies show Claudius and his mainland visitors the effects of prayer and faith, and that a relationship with God is through His Son Jesus Christ.

Claudius has been listening to John's teachings for a very long time, and things are beginning to sink in... a little too much for this stoic Roman, and his resolve to leave heightens before he has to make the most important decision of his life. Through the personal reenactments of the Gospel of John, and through a significant event that touches him deeply, Claudius realizes the truth, and realizes that a decision must be made...

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If you would like to use the gifts and abilities that God has given you to help others know Jesus through this ministry, please contact us at (763)545-8608.

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'The Apostle John'
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'Roman Guard #1'
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'Roman Guard #2'
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